A Dream for the Faithful and Their Children

If we want to help save marriages, we need a dream.

Fifty three years ago a great man blessed us all with vision and a dream. An ordinary man if not for tribulations of injustice. Martin Luther King,

Likewise, when we see injustice, we should have a dream. A dream we can feel. One we can see in our mind’s eye. A real dream. One that could happen. A voice we can hear in our hearts and the words of others. A passion that goes viral and stays viral.

Years after King breathed into our nation this passion for equality, a new injustice came upon the most defenseless. The unjust law I speak of is unilateral no-fault divorce. The victims are the victims of domestic abuse, adultery, and divorce.

Through these laws, money grubbing judges, attorneys, and court workers rob the faithful and their children of their rights. Their right to live together in love in the family home. Gone are their rights to enjoy the fruit of their labor without robbery or molestation from the state and from the unfaithful.

Do we have a complaint or a dream?

At a time when people of color were foolishly and reprehensibly abused and robbed, people had a right to complain. But at a time when many people had a complaint, Martin Luther King was different. Instead of a complaint, he had a dream.

We need a dream. One can be passionate about. A dream that victims of abuse, adultery and divorce will no longer be robbed. A dream that our nation would embrace the honor it has long pretended to have. A passion for sincerity. A hatred for lies. A disgust for the cowardice of slander. A sense of morality and justice. A prayer that the vile, the cowardly, the unjust, the mean and hypocritical would be brought to repent or perish. A passionate plea that children would no longer grow up with vile, immoral insanity to their damnation. Not to defend immorality. Not to defend injustice. Not to support such with lies and slander and fake “tit for tat” ruses.

We need to feel, believe, see, taste, smell and hear that dream of a day when evil is uprooted. Not in the by and by, but here on earth. Not for our great grandchildren or grandchildren only, but for our children and our families, now.

We need passion for that day we have courage to declare, “We’re not going to take injustice any longer”.

A Treacherous and Unjust Law

Under unilateral no-fault divorce, get rich pimping for the unfaithful. They turn our houses of justice into whorehouses of prostitution of justice.

They threaten the faithful with grave loss while holding out their hands like Mafia thugs for protection money.  No money, no “justice”.  Where is our nation’s honor?  But where money talks, truth is silent.

Martin Luther King said they came to his demonstration

“…to cash a check, a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.  ‘This note was a promise that all black men as well as white men would he guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note as far as her citizens of color are concerned.”

Since 1970, when Unilateral No-fault became law, our nation has defaulted on this promise to the faithful and their children.

No Real Victims?

Some say that unlike people of color, there are no real victims of adultery or divorce.  They ask artificially Socratic questions as if to teach a lie to someone inferior:

  • “What harm is there in respecting the right of those to leave a relationship they don’t want to stay in?”
  • “Is it better to lock people into a relationship they’re unwilling to remain in?”
  • “Is it fair to punish someone merely because they want to leave?”
  • “Can we force someone to love someone?”

How would black people feel if someone claimed they never suffered injustice? Probably like a Jewish person encountering a Holocaust denier. Or an Armenian denying there was ever a genocide. Or a female abortion survivor accused of misogyny because she opposes the murder and injustice of abortion.

Today, many seem blind or insensitive to the plight of those hurt by adultery.  And they consider adultery a right. A rightful choice. A liberty.

But do they believe a person has the right to bind himself to his word? Or do they only believe in fake promises that are not as binding as we say they are? Would they deprive the entire world of their right to enter into legitimately binding marriage agreements? Why? Sso they can play the harlot on their marriages? So they can throw their children under the bus for a roll in the hay?

It seems the “right” they defend is the right to rob. To steal, swindle, to live as a sheltered coward. To be defended by more sheltered cowards in the courthouses. Not those defending justice but defending injustice. Sheltered cowards putting on haughty looks while asking stupid fake Socratic questions. They know if you point out an obvious truth, they can take your kids and make your life miserable.

What is Marriage?

Is marriage a white dress? A chapel? Or is it a marriage license? Is it a ring? A record in City Hall? What is it? Is it a mere hope or a wish that “things” will work out? Maybe it is a hope that “it” will last? Or is it something we “try”?

Or is it a promise? People say it is wrong to have sex outside of marriage. That is probably because it truly is selfish and immoral. The fact it is common doesn’t make it less so. A whore is defined as someone who has sex with people outside marriage–someone who sleeps around. The term is offensive, but it is Biblical and it has a meaning. It means someone who sleeps around.

So, what’s wrong with it? Isn’t that obvious? It should be. But people today are more likely to deny an obvious truth than to tell it. They are more likely to be offended by an obvious truth than an obvious lie. And then they ask how a loving and honorable God could send anyone to hell. Well, He doesn’t seek opportunities to send anyone to hell. It is just that people given Him no honorable choice but to send them to hell. Then they have the stupidity to ask why.

Consequences of Sex Outside Marriage

What are the consequences of sex? Good and bad. Let’s take inventory.

  • Possibility of pregnancy. After all birth control does not always work.
  • Possibility pregnancy will tempt someone to commit murder–abortion. And this will lead to a lie saying abortion isn’t murder. That the child is not a child. That the child does not feel pain. That the woman’s right must eclipse the right of the child. That abortion is health care. That a child is better off ripped apart in the womb than allowed to live. That abortion is justified on the unpleasant speculations or fortune telling of those wanting to kill the child.
  • Possibility of STDs. Pain, death, and spreading to who knows who else?
  • Possibility of a child being raised without the foundation of committed love of two parents.
  • Death of unique commitment and intimacy. They can never tell their spouses later they saved themselves for them alone.
  • Possible insecurity from comparisons with past sexual experiences.
  • Illicit and deep sexual bonding can create a much greater sense of loss and violation if a breakup should happen.
  • Perception of the value of marriage being rooted in selfish indulgence.
  • Perception of marriage as a passive experience to be evaluated as an epicurean.
  • A loss of freedom. Once you have premarital sex with one partner and break up, it becomes harder to say no. You or your dates may feel obligated or entitled to sex.
  • It may be hard to teach your kids wisdom and abstinence or self control if you don’t abstain yourself.
  • You may feel pressured to cover up, to lie. You may lose your ability to have close relationships or friendships. You have secrets you cannot tell.
  • You may go through life feeling you failed. You may see yourself as a failure. You may see others whose integrity and faithfulness is intact and wish yours was. But, you’ll never have that again.
  • You may experience a desire for more sex and feel less fulfilled each time. Hence, you may explore outside moral limits. You may struggle to get back waning satisfaction.
  • Once you are married, you may find yourself less satisfied with your spouse. This could undermine your children’s foundation of faithful family love they deserve and need. Or you may bide your time waiting for them to grow up so you can play the field once again.
  • Last but not least, while you know all this is true, you may deny it. You may even treat it as laughable. Yet I don’t think I stated anything other than what is obviously true here. Sex can make you not only deny the truth. It can make you laugh at it and treat wisdom as though it were foolish. But you no doubt already know that.

Regardless of religion, marriage is a fraud if citizens have no liberty to make real binding marriage agreements. Marriage is real when it is binding. We prove our love when we take responsibility for remaining faithful to our promises.

Who is more sincere?  People who say, “I want to break my promises if someone better comes along”?  Or people who bind themselves to a real promise? People who would never rob their spouses and children of their rights? Their right to live together in the shared family home enjoying the shared family assets in peace?

The Dishonor and Shame of Our Nation

By what justification has our nation asserted its right to desecrate God’s holy institution of marriage? By what right does our nation snap loose the bonds and promises of marriage? To rob the faithful and their children and reward the unfaithful? To deprive the children and their faithful parents of their right to live together in the shared family home enjoying the shared family assets without molestation from the unfaithful or the state?

By what right does our nation divide up the property and enslave the faithful victims of their adultery into a lifetime of servitude so that the whores, the whoremongers and their pimps in governmental offices and high courts can eat like fat vultures off the carcasses of the most faithful American citizens?

My Dream

I have a dream that victims of adultery and divorce will no longer have to pay for the sins of the perpetrators.

A dream…

I dream the faithful and their children will live together in love. That they will one day enjoy the fruit of their own labor.

I have a dream that the state will no longer waylay the faithful to reward those who show such little integrity or love for their children as to sacrifice their rights and needs for their own lustful pleasure. I dream that our courts would no longer hang out a shingle to prostitute justice and encourage those immoral people to go on the hunt among family men and women so that their faithful partners can be used as cash cows.

That families will no longer be destroyed by a cowardly nation or destroyed by an unfaithful and dishonest parent.

I have a dream…

I have a dream one day faithful parents will no longer endure slander. That they would no longer bear shame for sins they did not commit. That the unfaithful should no longer prosper from such slander. That churches will no longer court the tithes and offerings of whores and whoremongers for illicit gain to the robbery of the faithful.

I have a dream churches will no longer have whoremongers for pastors. I would that that they should not fail to forgive or call to repentance. I would that they should not fail to restore. But, I would that they should turn from their sin of defending adulterous unions. My heart carries a passion that pastors would be like Nathan and Malachi of old, require what God requires–that all who would be holy also be faithful.

And I have a dream that American courts will no longer destroy the families of small children for profit.

I have a dream…

I have a dream one day our government, people, legislators and courts will have the integrity, love, and honor to defend the rights of citizens to enter into legitimately binding marriage agreements.

I have a dream you will love and share this dream with me

About the author: dan

Dan has been building websites focused on Christian evangelism and devotions and on strengthening marriages since 2001 and has worked in Information Technology while being involved in various ministries at church since the late 1970's. Dan's beloved wife, Eileen, stands with him in these efforts and has websites and Christian clothing designs of her own. Dan's daughter, Michelle, is another joy of his life. She is finishing her final year of high school and will be attending her first year of university study in the Fall of 2011. Her interests are in neurology and biomedical engineering.

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  1. admin - March 18, 2010 at 2:41 am Reply

    Eileen Dick
    Challenge: Do you dare to dream this dream, not just for you, also for your children and your their children?

  2. admin - March 18, 2010 at 2:43 am Reply

    Daniel J. Dick
    Will tomorrow find us silent or open about this dream?

    Will our children and our spouses find we were not afraid to speak up and share this dream, or will they find us hoping nobody noticed our silence or that we were more likely to leave room for ourselves to fail?

    Are we insulted or challenged? Are we sincere? Or would we say it is not necessary to make our love known through this means?

    Will this be taken to be an opportunity or a burden?

    Are we leaving room for ourselves to be unfaithful, or will we protect our families by burning our bridges to unfaithfulness taking our stand together with others for this dream?

    Will another 40 years of unilateral no-fault divorce remain on the books without a word being said to oppose it?

    Is this your dream or your worst nightmare? Will you embrace it or hope it dies unnoticed?

    Do you love your family, your children, and others? Do you love justice? Do you love people?

    Do you love God?

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