Vision of

  • Helping You Help Others
  • Marriages will be happy, healthy, and lasting.
  • Fewer children will grow up in broken homes.
  • Today’s divorce courts will help heal people and marriages with justice rather than shredding families and innocent people with injustice.

Mission of

  • To provide specific plans to help you save your own marriage.

Other websites I own share the same vision while having different missions.

nodivorce.comChange how mediators, attorneys, work to save marriages
save-your-marriage.godsblogs.comHelp you save your own marriage
save-marriages.godsblogs.comHelp you help others save their marriages
family-fanatics.godsblogs.comStrengthen families through specific actions to bring joy.
sincerity-marriage.comStrengthen marriages through sincerity agreements

My Marriage and Divorce Story

My name is Daniel J. Dick, and I’ve been developing marriage saving web sites since my own marriage fell apart in 2000. Most people get into this effort after either going through a divorce or experiencing the divorce of one’s parents. Until one experiences the tragedy of a divorce or unfaithfulness and abuse in marriage it is very difficult to know what to think or feel about divorce. But, afterward most people either feel the terror of little children having their families ripped apart or an abandoned spouse going to the hospital with a breakdown, depression and anxiety disorders. The wounds take years to heal and the scars remain for life.

It is my passion and prayer that marriages be blessed and enduringly successful, and that is why I work so hard to develop these web sites. I hope and pray you and your family will be blessed and protected from the terror of adultery, abuse, and divorce.

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