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  • Most marriage websites talk about why marriage is important.
  • Others help people find ways to improve their marriages and family life.

That’s great!  But this site is for people who want to help others save their marriages!

Benefits of Saving Marriages

Why get involved in other people’s business?  The reasons are countless.

  • It’s heartbreaking to see children hurting deeply from their parents’ divorce.
  • Healthy families make better neighborhoods.
  • Lower crime rates.
  • Lower suicide rates.
  • Less gang activity.
  • Less drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Safer driving conditions.

Other reasons to get involved

You reap what you sow.  When you get involved in lowering divorce rates in your community, you reduce the chances that your own marriage or the marriages of your loved ones will be violated by abuse or adultery leading to divorce.

Today’s divorce laws are incredibly unjust and often deprive the faithful and their children of their right to live together in love enjoying the shared family assets in peace.  One spouse runs off into an affair, and the new couple strategize with attorneys to destroy the family in a way that will be financially beneficial to the ones in adultery.  The faithful are kicked out of their own homes after they are dragged into court to be threatened with the gravest of losses, and then they are forced to pay thousands of dollars in protection money to an attorney.  But, the more injustice there is, the more money the attorneys make.

Divorce leaves faithful parents stripped of

  • home, children,
  • property,
  • future income,
  • and all hope for justice.

I am sure you would not want this to happen to your friends or loved ones.  So fighting to save marriages in your community really is the mark of a true hero and an act of true love for your family, friends, and community.

I hope that this website will help you and others who would like to share great and effective ideas to make a difference!

Thank you for caring enough to take part!


Dan and Eileen Dick

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